Green Valley

RV Resort

A 55+ Gated Senior Community


Located in Green Valley, Arizona

at the foothills of the Santa Rita Mountains

To:wa Kuswo Doʼag

– The Tohono O’odham name for the Santa Rita Mountains

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About The Resort

The Green Valley RV Resort (GVRV Resort) is a 55+ gated community with 304 total spaces, each approximately 35 feet wide and 50 feet long.  144 lots are permanent park-model homes, another 104 are annual RV’ers, and the remaining 56 spaces are for seasonal / short / mid-term campers.

Since actual dimensions of the lots vary, if you have a rig longer than 40 feet, please check in with us first to see if we currently have a lot to accommodate you.  We do not have pull-through lots.  We recognize the ease and convenience of pull-throughs, but when this resort was built in the 1980’s, that wasn’t a thing and the lots were built back-to-back.

Lot Amenities

Each lot consists of a gravel area for your rig, a concrete slab next to that for landing your stairs, then an asphalt pad next to that for your vehicle.  See the photos below.  Actual dimensions of each lot vary with the topography, location, and other factors.

The electrical pedestal has 30 Amp and 50 Amp service, plus a 20 Amp utility outlet.  There is a hose-bib connection for water, and an RV sewer connector for your tanks.  With apologies, we don’t offer cable TV at the transient spots, but see our Media Suggestions on the Things page.

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Sun Setting Over the GVRV Resort

Resort Amenities

The clubhouse is central to the resort, and contains our offices, laundry, commercial kitchen, a large banquet and entertainment hall, a library, professional billiards room, and several craft rooms.  And just outside the clubhouse proper you will find professional-grade shuffleboard courts, a salt-water swimming pool, hot tub, a fire pit, and a comfortable outdoor seating area with a gas grill.  A full men’s and women’s shower area and restroom is in the pool area.

Check out the Green Valley RV Resort newsletters and this month’s activities on the Newsletter and Activities Calendar page.

At the front of the resort, you will find our Cornhole Game area.  Depending on where you’re from, you might know it as Bag Toss, Bean Bag Toss, Bags, Tailgate Toss, Lawn Toss, Soft Horseshoes, Doghouse, or Dummy Boards.  If you’re from Wisconsin, you will call this game Baygs, with a long A.

Factoid: Cornhole was first described in Heyliger de Windt’s 1883 patent for Parlor Quoits, a game similar to horseshoes played by throwing steel discs at a metal spike.  De Windt’s patent sought to recreate Quoit for indoors.  His was the first to use bean bags and a slanted board with a hole as the target.

Resort Culture

What sets us apart from other RV resorts is our deep sense of community.  We recommend you practice your “queen’s wave” before you arrive because when you’re driving through (at 10MPH), residents that are walking, riding, or driving will wave at you.  It’s what we do, and it’s as sacred as a secret handshake.

Our strong sense of community has created volunteer groups in the resort that serve individuals as well as the park at large.  You can get the list of these groups and check out activities on the bulletin board in the clubhouse.  Check out our activities on the Newsletter and Activities Calendar page.

We pride ourselves on having created a quiet, respectful, carefree community.  The energy here is one of joy and peace, and you’ll always find a helping hand for whatever you need.  As you first arrive, please say hello and engage as many people as you can, regardless of how long you’re here.

Pam and Dave, Resident Landscapers

Our grounds are impeccably maintained.  Our lead landscaping team are residents of the park with the experience and a pride about how this place looks.  So when you see someone on a utility cart stop somewhere and jump off wielding a rake or machete, do not be alarmed.  A plant was out of place.  If you like the way things look around here, say thanks to Pam and Dave.

Resort Rates for 2022 – 2023

These are the rates in effect for the 2022/23 season.  Regardless of how long you are here, you have access to all the resort amenities.

Lease Terms and Conditions

We are a 55+ RV Resort community and all residents, temporary or permanent, must be age 55 or older.  There are exceptions; such as when a resident is over 55 and his or her life partner is not.  Check with the front desk when anyone in your party is younger than 55.  For the safety and comfort of all residents, we have a strict Pet Policy that you are required to follow if you intend to have any pets in the resort.

Payment Accepted

We accept cash or a check drawn on a U.S. institution.  We do not accept credit cards, PayPal, Venmo, Zelle, Bitcoin or any other form of electronic payment.

What’s Included

Electric, water, sewer, trash disposal, use of all resort facilities, all taxes, and all surcharges for all residents.  Annual residents pay for their own electric service.

Other Requirements

Pre-pay for your entire stay, less any deposit, on check-in.  No refunds for shortened stays.  Consult the office for the current under-55 guest and visitor policy.

Refund Policy

Things happen, we get it.  If you need to cancel or shorten your stay with us, we will do our best to accommodate that.  To keep our rates under control for everyone, we have instituted policies that reflect our costs of your arrival, your stay, and your departure.  Once you are here and occupying a space, we are unable to refund any portion of your stay.  If you have made a deposit for an upcoming stay, we must receive a written request by U.S. Mail or email for returning your deposit, stating the reason(s) for canceling.  All refunds are subject to the resort owner’s discretion.

Out-Of-Hours Check-In

Check-In Time is Noon → 7:30 PM.  If you arrive before noon, the guard will direct you to park in one of the RV Staging Spots straight ahead on S Richfield Avenue; click open the photo to have a closer look.  Proceed on foot to the office straight ahead to see when your lot will be ready.

If you arrive after 7:30 PM, you can park overnight for free at the Desert Diamond Casino Sahuarita, then check-in at the resort the next day.  With apologies, we are unable to receive late arrivals.

We have an arrangement with the casino to accommodate you for an overnight stay.  Of course, there are no hook-ups, so you’ll be boondocking for a night, and you need to get a parking pass from the guard on duty.  Just go inside and tell the receptionist or the guard that you will be staying with us and that you’ve arrived too late to check-in at the resort and they will get you a pass.

RV Staging Spaces

Open Hours Check-In

Check-In Time is Noon → 7:30 PM.  When you arrive at the RV Resort during this window, tell the guard that you are checking in and they will direct you to park in the RV Staging Area straight ahead from the guard shack on S Richfield Avenue along the right-hand curb.  Click open the picture above for a closer look.  There are two staging spots here; pull all the way forward into the space closest to the office that’s unoccupied, then make your way on foot to the office straight ahead.

Once you complete your check-in registration, a guard will escort you to your lot and give you assistance with parking your rig.  Remember that payment for your stay must be made in full using either cash or a check written on a U.S. Financial Institution.  Sorry, we do not accept credit or debit cards or any other form of payment such as goats or chickens.

Premises Access

This is a 55+ Gated Access RV Resort Community.  We have two sets of vehicle gates on Richfield Avenue immediately as you turn off of Duval Mine Road.  The main gate, past the guardhouse, provides access to the office, all the common resident areas, and lots numbered 1 -270.  The secondary gate, to the West of the guardhouse, provides access to lots numbered 271-303.

If you are not a checked-in resident, there is no entry to the resort after hours when the gates are closed.  Please plan your travel accordingly to arrive when a guard is present during the Current Season’s HoursCheck-in time is from Noon to 7:30 PM.

Daytime Entry

There is a guard on duty every day at the RV Resort.  See the Current Season’s Hours table below for days and times.  Temporary residents will be issued a pass to hang full-time from the vehicle’s mirror.  Annual residents are issued a sticker for the driver’s-side of the windshield.  Your entry pass must be visible the entire time your vehicle is in the resort.

Come to a FULL STOP on the RIGHT SIDE of the guard shack and display your pass on EVERY ENTRY.  The guard will wave you through.

If you are a visitor or just arriving, check in with the guard to be issued a visitor’s pass and receive instructions on how to proceed.

Daytime Exit

While a guard is on duty, simply slow down as you pass the guardhouse.  No check-out is required, and the guard will likely just wave at you as you leave.  Remember your queen’s wave.

Nighttime Entry

With no guard on duty, the gates will all be closed and locked.  Residents will be issued an entry code that can be entered on a keypad at the kiosk before the guardhouse on Richfield Avenue.

After entering the code, the keypad will beep and the gate will swing open away from you.  You have plenty of time.  Wait for the gate to completely open before proceeding with your vehicle.

Pedestrian gates have a keypad right on the gate lock itself.  Enter the code and turn the gate handle to open.  Be sure to close the pedestrian gate behind you.

Nighttime Exit

Pull up to the gate on the right side of the guard shack and stop.  After a second or two, the gate will open.  You have plenty of time.  Wait for the gate to completely open before proceeding.

Entry Kiosk With Gate Access Keypad
Should you have any difficulty entering after hours, contact the Green Valley RV Resort guard patrol at 520-237-8737.

November 1 → April 30

Gates Are Open:
⚬ Every Day 7am – 10pm

Office Staffed:
⚬ M-F 8am – 5pm
⚬ Sat 10am – 4pm
⚬ Sun 10am – 2pm

May 1 → Oct 31

Gates Are Open:
⚬ Every Day 8am – 8pm

Office Staffed:
⚬ M-F 9am – 4pm
⚬ Closed Saturday
⚬ Closed Sunday

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19001 S Richfield Ave
At Duval Mine Road
Green Valley, AZ 85614

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