Green Valley RV Resort Pets

The Green Valley RV Resort Pet Policy

Your pet is part of the family and likely travels with you wherever you go.  We love our pets too, and want to make every accommodation so that you can enjoy your pet and your pet can enjoy the stay here at the resort.  Because of that, we have some rules about pets.

The Green Valley RV Resort is a physically small community and there are no barriers between lots.  Consequently, we have to set some ground rules around pets for the good of all residents.  There may be some residents that are afraid of all animals, regardless of their friendliness and cuteness.  We have to respect that, and we have to respect the experience of all residents here in the resort, including those with pets.

Basic Requirements

We do not restrict animals based on their breed at the RV Resort.  For as many bad and hyped stories in the news about particular breeds attacking and injuring people, there are 100 owners of that same breed that have trained a loving, gentle animal.

We do, however, impose a 50 pound maximum weight limit on animals.  There may be minor exceptions to this; check with the office on your situation.  Some very large dogs can be the friendliest, but just their sheer weight is enough to knock a person down by accident or in an attempt to be friendly.  We have many older residents here that are frail and can be severely injured in this way.

Please register your pets at the front desk when you check in.  There is no fee and a maximum of two (2) pets per home site, regardless of the type of accommodation you have.  If you’re an existing resident, go to the front desk to register your pets to your lot.

Animal Access Areas

Residents with pets at the RV Resort are required to be living or staying in the official “Pet Section” of the resort.  Click on the map to see the lines marking the “Pet Section”.

There are open areas around the resort outside the gates for you to walk your pet.  There are pedestrian gates on the West wall of the resort that also provide access to a pet walking area.  Check out this website called Bring Fido for dog parks in the area.

A note of caution.  As built-up as this area may appear, we are still in the desert.  Less than a mile to the West is the wide-open Sonoran Desert, with all its critters.  South and East of us is the Madera Canyon area that has some unique critters of its own.  It is not uncommon to find rattlesnakes, coyotes, reptiles, javelinas, and even bears.

Most wild critters won’t bother you, they would rather get away.  It is very important that you know how to control your pet and get them out of harm’s way should that be necessary.  Many pets can react unpredictably to our wildlife.

Less visible but also potentially threatening to your pet are predatory birds and the large and small insects that inhabit this region.  Most birds like hawks, owls, and falcons will not attempt to attack an animal, especially walking with a person, but you should know that they are here.

Insects such as scorpions, Africanized bees, tarantulas, centipedes, black widow spiders, blister beetles, and conenose bugs are also all around us, but you will likely not encounter them unless you are in more remote and rugged areas.  Even then these critters would rather avoid than confront, but your pet may have other intentions.  In a phrase, BE AWARE and BE PREPARED.

Green Valley RV Resort Pets Site Map

Sahuarita Pet Ordinance

We are located in Sahuarita, Arizona and all residents are bound by their animal control laws.  If your pet causes a problem, an Animal Control Officer may investigate.

Click Fido above to visit Animal Services.

Green Valley RV Resort Pets

Resort Common Areas

We do not allow pets in the common areas of the resort for the safety and enjoyment of all residents.  Even though Bella the Great Dane is right at home enjoying sun and water, she cannot do so here at Green Valley RV Resort.

This holds true for all the common areas, which can be described as anything inside of the perimeter of the clubhouse grounds and other recreational areas.  We know it may seem silly, but please don’t walk up to the mailboxes with Bella in tow.  It’s an enclosed area where some residents may be spooked by an animal.

Bella is adorable and was a good sport sitting nicely for this picture.

Codified Resort Rules and Regulations

You will receive a copy of the current RV Resort Rules and Regulations when you check in.  Those printed rules are binding on you during your stay, and this section on our website is provided to highlight and summarize some of those rules regarding pets.


The intent of the Green Valley RV Resort pet rules and regulations is to provide for a peaceful, respectful, and enjoyable environment for all residents of the resort.  Understand that some residents may be terrified or simply averse to animals, while others cannot get enough of petting and talking to your pet.  Both are valid positions, as is everything in between.

Our rules have been made to support all of that and we ask you (and require you) to understand these regulations while you are here.  Egregious violations of these rules, especially if physical harm occurs, is grounds for immediate eviction from the resort plus any fines or citations that the Town of Sahuarita may impose.

Important Pet Definition

For the purposes of your rental agreement with GVRV, a “pet” is defined as a dog or a cat.  Except for small birds or fish, no other animals are permitted.  Sorry, as domesticated as your pet pig or jaguar might be, they are not allowed in the resort.  Also not allowed are any exotic animals including, but not limited to, bunnies, rabbits, hedgehogs, guinea pigs, tarantulas, kinkajous, capybaras, fennec foxes, chinchillas, servals, tigers, chimpanzees, monkees, wallabys, sugar gliders, raccoons and, for the locals, javelinas.

Rules Summary

  • All pets must be registered at check-in.
  • 50-pound maximum for each pet.
  • At most, two (2) pets per registered site.
  • Pets may not be left unattended.
  • You must walk your pet on a leash.
  • No pets in the common areas.
  • Immediately pick up pet poop.
  • Visitors may not bring in pets.
  • No breeding of animals in the resort.
  • Pets must be spayed or neutered.


Common areas include the swimming pool area bounded by the walls, fence, and clubhouse, the laundry room, the mailbox area, inside of the clubhouse, and all other recreation areas.

Exceptions can be made to the codified rules, especially to accommodate residents with special needs or service animals.  Check with the office for exceptions.

Revocation or Eviction

Privilege to keep an animal in the resort can be revoked, or tenant eviction can occur for any of these reasons:

  • Violation of any of the pet rules.
  • Barking, growling, snarling, crying, howling, and other noises.
  • Out-of-control or negative behavior that creates a nuisance or fear.
  • A pet that attacks another pet or any person that is in the resort.

The Final Word on Pets

As a member of your family, your pet is welcome here at the Green Valley RV Resort.  As a condition of that welcome, your pet must be a good citizen of our community and add to the enjoyment of everyone around you.  Residency in the pet section ensures that you are with like-minded people.

As a resident of the GVRV Resort, whether temporary or long term, your execution of the rental agreement automatically binds you to the laws of the Town of Sahuarita and, in particular, the Animal Control Laws that you can review HERE on their website.

Again, should there be a serious issue concerning the behavior of your pet where another pet or person is injured, you are subject to fines and other penalties that may be levied by the Animal Control Officer from the Town of Sahuarita in addition to revocation of privileges or eviction.

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